Kaleidica provides hours of visual enjoyment. As you learn to play the Instument, you computer comes alive with visual music. The experience is a lot like playing a musical instrument, except no special skills are needed to achieve beautiful results right from the beginning.

Kaleidica has also been designed to provide a full range of options to enhance its usefulness as a graphic and animation tool as well. With it, you have an instrument that can be played, watched and used in a number of unique ways.

Paying Kaleidica:
• Discover A New Form Of Expression Using A Light Instrument
• Watch Music Take On Sublime Visual Forms
• Perform Amazing Live Visual Shows

Watching Kaleidica:
• Enjoy Your Recorded Performances As A Visual Journey
• Add A Soundtrack To Your Movie For A Film-Like Experience
• Meditate On The Sacred Geometries At Kaleidica's Core

Using Kaleidica:
• Marvel At The Beautiful Images Easily Produced
• Turn Your Own Image, Logo or Likeness Into Mesmerizing Art
• Design Your Own Mandalas, Mazes and Other Symmetical Marvels
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