You play the Kaleidica Light Instrument on your computer. Your computer's keyboard and mouse are the keys to the piano. The visual equivalents of notes, key signatures and voices are built into the application. The combined effect is like having a whole symphony of visual creation at your fingertips.

Enjoying Kaleidica is easy. You simply play your computer as you might a musical instrument – experiencing vision instead of sound.





Studios within Kaleidica are like the Voices of a musical instrument. They provide a unique visual constuct around which a performance is built. They vary by geometry and symmetry in a number of unique ways. Each has a number of adjustable settings to provide extensive playability.
Brushes within a Kaleidica Studio are like the notes of a musical instrument. They are the visible components embedded into the geometry of a Studio that you play and control through your computer keys and mouse. There are hundreds of Brushes provided with the instrument.
Brushes come in sets called Libraries. You switch among a set of Brushes within a Library while you play. In this way, Libraries are like key signatures. Libraries can be thematic (like rocks or planets) or a random set of images. You can build your own Library to further customize play.
The keys of the instrument are your computer controls. You use the mouse to move a Brush or set of Brushes around the screen, while a range of computer keys allow you to control their size, angle, speed, spin, transparency and so forth. Experimenting with controls creates many suprisises.
The quality of the visuals is amazing even for beginners. There are no "wrong notes" in Kaleidica, as the instrument is designed to produce stunning visuals right out of the box.

Music itself is supplied outside of the instrument. You play along with music, essentially seeing the tunes played out in a visual form that you control. Alone with an iPod or as the light instrument player in a band, the process is like jamming with art. You interpret the music as you feel it, and see what you feel appear on the screen.

Below are image captures from the Mirror Studio using the Hubble Library.
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