Perform Real-Time-Motion
Flowing Artistic Visuals
Using The
Kaleidica Light Instrument





Imagine a musical instrument that plays art instead of music. You control a constant moving stream of visually-rich art through your computer keyboard. You see wildly-active beautiful images created in much the same way a musician creates sound.
Play your way to visions of harmonic complexity. Watch as they move, morph, change and transform as you manipulate the instrument. See sacred geometries emerge, merge and fade at your command. Enjoy deep, trance-like visuals.
Turn on some tunes and create visions to enhance your total sensory experience. Perform shows at home, or play along with a band. Using Kaleidica while your computer is hooked to a projector or TV screen becomes an instant full-on light show.
Every time you play Kaleidica you can enjoy a new experience. Just like a musical instrument, you play to experiment, learn and satisfy your soul. The more you play, the better you get at playing. An endless world of visual exporation awaits.
• Easy To Use
• Fun To Play
• Amazing To See
Kaleidica was originally developed as a tool for exploring sacred geometries. It was used as a meditation tool and mandala generator. Exploring the effects of ·manipulating symmetrically generated visuals in real-time prompted the developer to create this instrument that produces art instead of music. The Kaleidica Light Instrument was born.

This is a
visual instrument the way a piano is a musical instrument.

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